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Oh my!

Hey from california OooOoO yeah! And im down in ill. for awhile were some good places i can shop or just go to cause it fucking sucks so far..everyone looks at me wierd..damn people from here...So cuum on..any places in the city?
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hey! check out emo-rock band Adelphi at , they are currently #2 in the nation, help them get to #1! Listen to their music and pass it on to all of your friends, you wont regret it!


January 21 2004, 01:26:37 UTC 13 years ago

judging by your'd love this band: check out ever we fall at (for fans of Thursday, Juliana Theory, Saosin, and Recover)
hey whats up? You don't know me, and your prolly like "Who the fuck is this guy?" Well, my name is dan. I stumbled onto your journal through the common interest emo. If you are a fan of the emo genre and are willing to sample new music, I would like to suggest my band to you. We are called a second chance. We have played shows with the starting line, the early november, hidden in plainview, matchbook romance, keepsake, allister, the riddlin kids, etc... the list goes on and on. If you are interested we are featured on purevolume We have had some offers from some record labels, but not signed yet. We are waiting for the right offer. If you think that the music is good, please feel free to im me at dansimons9 or go to our page and sign the guestbook. Thank u so much, and sorry for taking up ur time